2020 Service Provider’s Guide to Navigating 5G Business (a more simplified approach)


What is the service provider’s role in the enterprise digitalization process? How can you help your customers while capitalizing on 5G business opportunities?

Here are a few tips and takeaways from the report that will help you rise above your competition and position yourself as a leader in the industry.

  • Lead confidently with your 5G services/solutions first. Enterprises need to trust and know that you’re on board and have their best interests in mind.
  • Be clear about what role you play in the digitalization process. Don’t focus on everything. Choose your key services (the ones you do best) and build partnerships for the rest.
  • Instead of focusing on volume, focus on value. This is one of the most brilliant concepts in this new Ericsson report. Focusing on volume assumes all customers are the same. By focusing on providing value, you acknowledge that each customer is unique, with unique goals and challenges.
  • In order to successfully make the switch to focusing on value (instead of volume), you must get in the trenches with your customers. It requires an intimate understanding of their 5G business goals. It requires understanding how they do business, and where they see themselves in the future. The service providers who take the time to get to know enterprises on this level will succeed.

Still not sure which direction to go to maximize your 5G business? You aren’t alone.

The good news is, the entire business landscape is in a state of transition now. You aren’t the only one who’s wondering how to get a strong foothold in our new 5G business world. According to the Serving the 5G Powered Business Report:

There are several paths that service providers could take in the digitalization landscape. Within Ericsson’s three existing service provider roles, they have identified six paths, each contributing a specific value to enterprise digitalization.


Next, I want to highlight 3 simple takeaways.

In my opinion, these should stay top-of-mind when making decisions.

  • Your enterprise customers don’t want to pay more than they’re already paying for your services. (this is a general rule of thumb — there are some exceptions)
  • No matter how impressive a 5G service or solution is, if your customer isn’t willing to pay for it, you should rethink it. (why would you invest in it if your customers won’t?)
  • The importance of automation can’t be overstated. As one business developer said, “Automation is going to skyrocket.” We are already seeing this.

In the opening of this article, I said that emerging technologies make me feel like a child again.

As children, our future is unknown, and every day brings new learnings. In that analogy, who are the parents? Who is taking the service provider’s hand and walking them into the future of 5G business?



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Diana Adams


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