How 4G and 5G Mobile Voice Services Can Bring New Value to You

Diana Adams
8 min readJul 16, 2020


#LetsTalkVoice Twitter Chat Recap

Recently I hosted a lively #LetsTalkVoice Twitter chat sponsored by Ericsson. Enhanced 4G and new 5G mobile voice services affect us all. This virtual event attracted telco operators, CMOs and mobile network enthusiasts from around the globe.

Our guest, Rebekah Radice, added to the conversation with her 20+ years experience in the marketing and technology industries. As a Marketing Performance Strategist, she brought a unique perspective that was eye-opening to me and many others.

From the first day we started this discussion though July 6, there were 364 people (or companies) who joined #LetsTalkVoice with 2,845 tweets. The total reach on Twitter, according to the Hashtracking data below, was 4,132,151.

In this Twitter chat recap, I’d like to highlight some of my favorite Twitter post contributions on this topic.

If you weren’t able to attend the #LetsTalkVoice Twitter chat live, you can still be part of the insight by browsing the recap below.

I’ll post all 10 questions here, and the Twitter responses that resonated with me most. If you’d like to view more of the chat, just click over to the #LetsTalkVoice hashtag on Twitter, or visit the Lets Talk Voice webpage.

Q1) Our voice is the most powerful tool we have. We use our voices to build relationships, share our passions and ignite change.

During these trying times, our voices can educate and advocate. How have you used your own voice to motivate or light a spark in people?

Q2) Voice calling on our mobile devices has transformed our lives.

Whether we are keeping in touch with loved ones, growing our businesses or live streaming, our voices allow us to inspire and influence.

How has the power of voice encouraged you to take action?

Q3) The phone number is the largest social network.

Get ready for multi-line voice calls, which are multiple phone numbers coming in on one device.

i.e. Family line, Personal line, Work line, Dating line, Community line

How would you use multi-line voice calls?

(Watch the Multi-Line Voice Calls video demonstration)

Q4) In the future, we’ll do a lot more than talk on our voice calls.

Without using an app, we’ll be able to effortlessly screen share, collaborate on web content and share media from within our call screen.

How could 5G Interactive Calling enhance your life?

(Watch the 5G Interactive Calling video demonstration)

Q5) Imagine how helpful customer service could be on a voice call if they could SEE the problem. That’s 5G Interactive Calling.

  • Look at complex invoices together
  • Look at your laptop together
  • Fill out complex tax form together

What are some other examples?

Q6) Multi-device voice calling is an enhanced 4G service.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) use one device, just ask another to pick up the call.

Did you know you can accept calls from your bathroom mirror? 🙃

What’s in your house that you’d like to accept calls on?

(Watch the Multi-Device Voice Calls video demonstration)

Q7) A “shared line” is a phone line that rings on multiple people’s phones (so someone in that group will hopefully pick up the call).

A shared line could be used among business team members or for answering calls from grandma.

How could you use a shared phone line?

(Watch the Shared Phone Lines video demonstration)

Q8) We depend on voice calls now more than ever to keep us connected to our friends and family.

We’re also requiring higher bandwidth for videoconferencing, gaming and streaming services.

How can telcos make mobile networks even more helpful during trying times?

Q9) In times of crisis, it’s good to talk. Voice services have seen a huge spike in recent months.

  • Netherlands — Up 180%
  • USA — Up 90%
  • Other Europe — Up 50%
  • Etc.

Have you increased your voice calls during this time? How has your voice communication transformed?

Q10) This last question is a fun one. 🎉

There are many innovative voice services that will come with 5G.

Let’s assume the sky is the limit. ANYTHING is possible!

In YOUR perfect world, how would your devices enhance your voice communication to make your life better?

The Twitter chat lasted a whole hour, but it felt like 10 minutes to me. What a great time full of learnings, exploration and imaginative #5G adventures! Here are a few final thoughts about the power of voice.

Thank you for re-living this Twitter chat with us! I’d also like to thank everyone who attended. What a wonderful community on Twitter.

You are invited to join the conversation by answering any of the 10 questions above. Please leave your answers in the comments below, or send a tweet using the #LetsTalkVoice hashtag.

I’m @adamsconsulting on Twitter, and I’d love to connect with you about which new voice services you’re most excited about.

As always, thank you for reading my blog post! 💛🙏



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