5G Milestones and the Importance of Partnerships in the Ecosystem

By working with the device ecosystem, and leading within the area of infrastructure innovations, Ericsson brings a holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities of communications service providers.

6 Important 5G Milestones and Why They Matter

1. UScellular, Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Inseego Address Digital Divide with Multi-Gigabit Extended-Range 5G Milestone Over mmWave

Mobile connectivity affects global economic growth. The digital divide represents the social and economic gap between those who have access to 5G and 5G-enabled technologies, and those who don’t. It’s an important topic, and one that I’m passionate about.


2. Ericsson Accelerates 5G with Massive MIMO Single User Uplink Data Rate Record

Why are uplink data speeds a big deal? Because amongst other things, in addition to recording 4K/8K video on their 5G devices, consumers want to be able to share it quickly.

3. Telstra, Ericsson and Qualcomm Achieve World First, Record of 5Gbps 5G Download Speed on a Commercial Network

This is another one of the many 5G milestones that speaks to the importance of partnerships in the 5G ecosystem.

4. Telia and Ericsson First to Trial 5G Carrier Aggregation in the Nordics

Together with their partners and customers, Ericsson is continuously testing, learning and pushing the boundaries for how 5G can meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and enterprises.

5. Ericsson and MediaTek Dual Connectivity Breakthrough Makes the Path to 5G Standalone Easier

In 2021, I think most people would agree that many countries have a divided society. Sadly, I know this to be true in the USA.

6. Ericsson breaks the record on 5G C Band single user speed

We all know what it’s like to be in an area of “bad cell coverage” as we call it. It’s a problem my grandchildren will never experience (along with waiting for a video to buffer).


As you see, many of these 5G milestones were made possible because of the cooperation and collaboration of the partnerships within the 5G ecosystem.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. -Helen Keller

Thank you, as always, for reading my blog post! Don’t forget to check the more complete list of 5G milestones. 📲



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