How 5G Creates New Business Opportunities for Operators and ICT Players

In order to understand how 5G creates new business opportunities for operators, you have to first flip your thinking upside down.

Next, please take a moment to download the 2nd edition of Ericsson’s report “The Industry Impact of 5G.” I’ll be referring to it often for the duration of this post.

  • The role they expect 5G to play within their sector
  • The problems they expect 5G to solve
  • The extent to which they’d be willing to pay for 5G services
Source: Ericsson

According to Peter Linder, an Ericsson 5G marketer, here is a list of 10 things operators need to do to make money from 5G.

  1. Increase their understanding of how 5G user needs evolve
  2. Increase the scope of network services offered beyond raw broadband connectivity
  3. Split the market into micro-segments to discover latent user and industry needs
  4. Increase the number of use cases addressed with a customized value proposition
  5. Increase differentiation in network service pricing to meet each microsegment’s business needs
  6. Increase the leverage of global ecosystems
  7. Increase development efforts for local ecosystems
  8. Increase support in building customer business cases
  9. Reduce operators’ dependency on best connectivity as the sole source of mobile data revenue
  10. Reduce price erosion on mobile broadband connectivity services to smartphones




Tech journalist, Apple ACN, Digital Transformation, IoT, 5G, AI and the future of tech.

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Diana Adams

Diana Adams

Tech journalist, Apple ACN, Digital Transformation, IoT, 5G, AI and the future of tech.

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