The Mobile Service Provider’s Guide to 5G Business Opportunities

The true value of 5G extends far beyond these obvious perks.

For mobile service providers, the past few years have been all about preparing networks for the generation of IoT applications that are coming with 5G.

How to Tackle These Complicated Challenges

I’d humbly suggest you read Ericsson’s most recent comprehensive analysis (up-to-date as of October 2019)

What methodology was used for this report?

I’d like to briefly touch on a few of the key findings.

  • The 5G business opportunities that extend beyond mobile broadband are substantial. Up to 18% of the total ICT addressable industry digitalization value and 47% of 5G-enabled revenues are potentially addressable by mobile service providers.
  • The size of the addressable market is different depending on what role the service provider chooses to take. It’s important to act now in 4G and early 5G deployments in order to build the momentum for growth. It is key to invest in 4G, to excel in 5G. (the report explains this in more detail)
  • A significant portion of future investments across industries will be driven by 5G-enabled services.
  • Healthcare is the largest addressable market. Manufacturing, energy, utilities and automotive follow. This report helps service providers decide which market(s) to target and which barriers to overcome. [I’m not surprised that healthcare is the largest addressable market. 5G has the potential to get expert surgery to everyone on the planet through remote care.]
  • Many IT vendors have already established their roles within the different industries (thus, increasing competition). Still, there is a lot of potential new revenue for mobile service providers to capitalize on within the different industry verticals. These use cases are driven by new technologies like AI and IoT.
  • The 5G-enabled revenue potential for service providers is separated by industry. In the report, there’s a useful graph showing the individual impact of the top 10 industries. There’s a lot more that goes into the decision of whether or not to address an industry than just the percentage of revenue potential. The report explains the other important factors to consider.

This report provides detailed information for mobile service providers who want to expand their knowledge across industries.

The 10 Industries Included:

  • Healthcare (Significant Opportunities with Historical Barriers)
  • Manufacturing (Increased Caution and Brownfield Demands)
  • Energies and Utilities (Power Generation, Oil and Gas)
  • Automotive (Connectivity and Autonomous Drivers)
  • Public Safety (Infrastructure)
  • Media (E-Sport and Interactive Events)
  • Financial Services (Cyber Security and Blockchain)
  • Public Transport (Mass Transit)
  • Retail (Analytics and Mixed Reality)
  • Agriculture (Resource Optimization)

What is your role in the value chain?

  • Connectivity and Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Service Enablement
  • Application and Service Provisioning
  • Network Developer
  • Service Enabler
  • Service Creator

As a complement to this analysis, we invite you to join us for the corresponding webinar





Tech journalist, Apple ACN, Digital Transformation, IoT, 5G, AI and the future of tech.

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Diana Adams

Diana Adams

Tech journalist, Apple ACN, Digital Transformation, IoT, 5G, AI and the future of tech.

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