2020 Has Changed What it Means to be a ‘Future Ready’ Business

(source: Marketoonist, via: Twitter)

The human skills of compassion, resilience and empathy have proved vital to any company’s chances of surviving a crisis. — Vodafone Business

In our world of artificial intelligence and automation, the human element is as important as ever when we talk about what it means to be a ‘future ready’ business in 2020.

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Let’s Take a Closer Look at How the Definition of a ‘Future Ready’ Business Has Evolved in 2020

I’d like to cover four key aspects of this evolution:

  • Changing Consumer Behaviors and Expectations
  • The Importance of Sustainability
  • The Importance of Being a Digital Business
  • New Social Norms Mean New Ways of Attracting Talent

1. Changing Consumer Behaviors and Expectations

I wrote an article in collaboration with Diebold-Nixdorf about this same point. Imagine being a business that has spent years crafting the perfect customer experience — and then suddenly that experience completely misses the mark because your customers have changed their behaviors and expectations.

2. The Importance of Sustainability

Consumers want to know how their products are made, what is inside of them, and whether or not the company that created them is socially responsible.

3. The Importance of Being a Digital Business

I love these two sentences in the report:

Businesses now see digital as a basic level of competency, rather than a years-long transformation.

Data is the lifeblood of the modern economy and a strategic asset for businesses.

My fellow technologists are likely rolling their eyes, but wait a minute, it goes deeper. Data and the digital economy are creating new challenges for businesses.

4. New Social Norms Mean New Ways of Attracting Talent

This where 2020 future ready businesses shine. They have their finger on the pulse of new social norms, which gives them a competitive advantage. Just like consumer demands are increasing, so are employee demands.

Talented staff are the key to business success today. It’s this talent that comes up with the ground-breaking ideas and creates the supportive culture that gives one business the edge over another.

Final Thoughts

Just as we couldn’t predict COVID-19, we can’t predict when the next unexpected life-changing event will occur. One thing is certain. Businesses in 2020 that are ‘future ready’ are forging the path for us all.



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